Eligibility and Athletic Code

Steilacoom Historical School District Eligibility Rules

Athletic Code – Steilacoom Athletics follows Board Policy 2151P which details extra-curricular eligibility and includes both RCWs and WIAA policy. Students and parents are required to agree to this eligibility code as part of their clearance process.

Attendance – On the day of a game, absences for ANY PART of the day must be excused with a third-party note (i.e., doctor’s note, orthodontist’s note, etc.) or they will not be eligible to play.

Clearance – In order to participate in a practice or a game a student-athlete’s parent or guardian must complete all aspects of the registration process which includes providing an up-to-date physical (most physicals are good for two years), completing the personal and emergency contact information on InTouch, and paying all associated fees and fines in full.

Ejections – Student-athletes who are ejected from a contest once (in any season) will be required to write a letter to the SPSL President and complete an NFHS Sportsmanship class in addition to sitting out games for their conduct per league (SPSL 2A), and/or state (WIAA), and/or individual coach/team rules. Our expectations are that student-athletes representing Steilacoom High School act with integrity at all times.

School Discipline – All school-based discipline will supercede athletic events. Repeated offenses will not be tolerated and will result in removal of the student-athlete from the team.

WIAA Rules Regarding Changing or Transferring Schools

Before You ENROLL – Prior to enrolling a student-athlete at a new school, this form will help to determine athletic eligibility at the new school.

Before You WITHDRAW – Prior to withdrawing a student-athlete from a school, this form will help to determine athletic eligibility at the new school.

New Student Packet – When a new student-athlete joins a school without 1 (one) year of continuous enrollment in the school/feeder school, the AD will work with the new student and family to complete this packet which will determine eligibility.

Eligibility Resources – For more information, please visit this resource page provided to all WIAA member schools.

Please be thoughtful about your decision to change schools. Protect your eligibility!