Registration FAQ’s

FAQ’s for athletic registration:

When do I need to be cleared by?

  • You must be cleared at least one business day prior to the first day of tryouts. The earlier that you can submit your information, the easier day one of tryouts will be.

How do I know that my registration is approved?

  • You will have approved next to all of the forms and uploads needed. This is done form by form and can take at least one business day to get approved.

How do I upload a paper copy of my child’s physical?

  • Two ways: the first is taking a photo with your phone and emailing it to yourself to upload. The second option is to use your notes app (iPhone users) and scan the document and then email it to yourself to upload. The scanned versions tend to read easier.

How do I pay for fees or fines?

  • You can do that through InTouch as well! Contact our bookkeeper, Mrs. Agnew, for additional help (

Why was my registration denied?

  • A few things could have happened. The most common is your physical was expired, not signed or stamped by a doctor or did not have a date of completion of the exam. You also may have missed some fields on the athletics registration forms.

Can you guide me step by step through registration?

  • Yes! Here is a link to a presentation helping you register your child for athletics.