ASB and User fee information

ASB (Associated Student Body) money is public money generated by students, or for students, which may only be used for cultural, athletic, recreational, or social purposes which are optional and not for credit. ASB money is student money, and the use of student money may not be dictated by adults without the discretion of our kids. Generally speaking, there are three pockets of money that support our student-athletes: the ASB general fund, the athletics department fund, and the individual sport budget(s).

Money generated from ASB Card fees ($25/card) goes into the ASB General Fund, which is money that pays for our uniform rotations, any unexpected items (a broken backboard, for example), and requests from the Student Senate.

Money generated from individual sport fees (aka “pay-to-play”) is divided between the individual sport budget (65%) and the athletics department fund (35%). Our athletics programs are divided into three tiers ($100, $75, and $50) based on the overall operating costs of the program.

Money generated from gate receipts at our home events is divided between the individual sport budget (40%) and the athletics department fund (60%).

The athletics department fund pays for bigger purchases that an individual sport would be hard pressed to afford on their own. Examples of this would include our new (2018) volleyball standards, and new (2019) cheer mats. We also use this money to budget the cost of our officials for each sport and the cost of belonging to the state athletics association (WIAA) and our league (SPSL 2A). The individual sport budget(s) pays for everything else we need in order to provide our student-athletes with a great experience. This often includes equipment, additional contests, uniforms and other team issued gear.

For more information on our athletics budget, or the use of ASB money, please contact Katie Redman.

We never want money to be the reason that a student cannot participate in high school athletics. If your family is in need of financial aid for either an ASB Card and/or a Sport Fee, please reach out to your student’s counselor for assistance.